Complimentary Products

Our complimentary products include:

  • Personalised Autograph Books for Leavers; a unique gift for every pupil in their final year. Each child has a page with a portrait taken earlier in the year
  • Yearbooklets; a personalised gift for every pupil in their final year. Every child is featured with their own portrait and comments
  • Storyboard; an A1 Foamex storyboard capturing the spirit of your school in photographs
  • Acrylic Staff ID Board; a great way to introduce your staff the visitors in your school
  • Pop-Up Banner; personalised with your school name and crest with a choice of designs, perfect for your reception area
  • Outdoor Banner; brighten the outside of your school with an outdoor PVC banner. Personalised with your school name, crest and choice of design
  • Staff Photo ID’s; complete with clear ID holder and a choice of lanyard or clip, essential for security
  • CD of Portraits; to update your school’s database and left for you on the day of photography
  • Staff Packs; all staff portraits taken receive free staff packs, inclusive of ID badge
  • Reference Sheets; printed thumbnails of all pupils portraits
  • Staff Discount; on all groups photographs
  • Group Photographs; you can request a free copy of every group taken, great for your archive and display in your school
  • Generous Commission Offered

Terms and conditions apply for some complimentary products; please contact us for further details.