Primary Leavers

Memory Books
Leaving primary school is a momentous time in a student’s school career. A Memory Book is a perfect way to capture your student’s achievements and experiences of their time spent during  their last year at school.
To create this exciting leavers product, your student’s will spend a day with one of our
professional photographers who will capture a day in the life of your students. We also offer the school the opportunity to submit additional images to our design team, who can then include these within the book. Memory Books are available in hard or soft back.

Yearbooklets are an innovative addition to our products available to leavers. Your school will be able to choose and pose 3 questions to your leavers; each child will be assigned a unique set of log in details to be able to view and answer these questions within lesson time. Once each child has submitted their answers, these are linked to their individual photograph. Then along with your schools name, logo and respective colours this will complete your booklet to present to your leavers.

Autograph books
Autograph books are a lovely memento for each pupil, and a unique way to record memories from all of their fellow students from their final leaver’s year. Every child has their own page within each autograph book, featuring their photograph and a space for them to write a personalised message to all of their class mates. The Autographs Books are soft back and coil bound with a colourful cover personalised with your school name.

All of our work is produced in-house with state of the art equipment to ensure your books are produced to the highest possible standards.