School Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “we” and “us” refers to The School Photography Company and “you” refers to your school.

Photography booking

1. Bookings are made under the agreement that we will provide photography on the agreed date. There may be unforeseen circumstances where this isn’t possible i.e. photographer illness, in these situations we will do our best to honour this booking date for you. If this isn’t possible other available dates will be offered.

2. Agreed dates may be changed by you although we cannot guarantee we could accommodate specific date changes, especially at short notice.

3. There is no charge to you for us taking photographs.

4. Pre-agreed commission payments are made for your school funds.

5. All photographs are taken under the agreement that you will distribute the order forms.

6. There may be a charge for photography that isn’t offered to parents to buy, please contact us for further details.

Complimentary items

1. One-off complimentary items:

a. To introduce ourselves complimentary items are offered to you when you make your first booking.

b. These complimentary items are detailed in our Complimentary Products leaflet; please contact us for further details.

c. Your school may be eligible for more than one item.

d. These items are provided on the basis that you make and complete two bookings.

2. Per booking complimentary items:

a. Group photograph bookings:

i. You can request a free copy of every group photograph taken for your archive and display.

ii. Staff discounts.

b. Portrait photograph bookings:

i. All staff photographs taken will be sent free staff packs.

ii. Printed reference sheets of thumbnail images of all orderable photographs taken.

iii. On request a disc with thumbnail size images of the portraits taken for your system and reference. N.B. some SIMS users mayrequire a photo import license to batch import images; you will need to purchase this from CAPITA.


To ensure that we are fully compliant with all aspects of GDPR, any data that your school provide to The School Photography Company is done so on the basis that you, as the data controller, have the legal right or permissions to do so. For The School Photography Company to process your data you will need to read and accept our Data Processing Agreement document, this will be provided when we request this data or can be sent sooner if required.
The data that we request is solely required to complete the product that your school has requested. If your school requires a data match CD of your pupils’ portraits then the student data is needed to complete this, we do offer a portrait product where no data is required. For group photographs if your school have requested that the pupils’ names are printed underneath then that data will be required to complete this, again we do offer a no names alternative where no data is required.
All of our data is held and processed in accordance with GDPR. Our General Data Protection Regulation Policy is available on request by contacting


1. Parents are not obliged to purchase photographs.

2. Terms and conditions for people who have purchased photographs are found on our website;