SIMS.NET User Instructions (September)

1. Please follow the instructions “SIMS instructions for licensed photographer.pdf” in the downloadable link below. This document details how to run the report and obtain the ID data required.

SIMS Instructions for Licensed Photographer

2. Within the instructions you will be asked to import a “Licensed Photographer Export Excel V2.RptDef ” file, this is zipped in the link below. This file must not be opened. Unzip the file and save it on your computer.

Licensed Photographer Export Excel

3. Once completed please email the report to

4. If you cannot supply your new intake data 3 days prior to your photo day, then please follow the instructions in the zipped link below called “The Licensed Photographer Export Barcode Report”. Please complete the report as instructed and give a print out of the report to the photographer on the day of your photo shoot. To run the report, please ensure that you install the “Barcode39 fonts” as detailed.

The Licensed Photographer Export Barcode Report


Should you have any queries regarding Sims please contact the Capita help desk on 0844 892 2407.